The Constant Woes of a Packing Pro

I moved into my Indianapolis apartment on June 20th. As of right now I have still not unpacked everything. All of my books, except my beloved Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Children of the Red King books, are in 4 boxes and a garbage bag. I finally hung up all my clothes, although I still have my hoodies, scarves, and lazy t-shirts laying randomly on shelves or the closet floor. I have already accepted that I won’t touch my boxes of winter clothes until cold weather hits and I don’t want to think about all the random things I pushed under my bed.

This was my 10th move in 5 years. If you count my 5 weeks studying abroad between my sophomore and junior years of college that’s 12 moves in 5 years. Every summer in college I went home to fulfill my scholarship mandated, pre-approved volunteer hours. After moving back home for about 6 months after graduating, I returned to my college town to fill an empty room at some friends’ house after accepting my first job in Indy. After about 4 or 5 months there, 3 of us moved into an apartment in Indy. While this might sound exhausting to some people, I’ve gotten quite used to moving. Now I just have a problem with unpacking.

I can’t be the only 20-something with this problem. Lots of other Millennials frequently move around. According to Jeanne Meister at, the average worker stays at their job about 4 years before moving on and majority of Millennials expect to stay less than that. The poor economy has caused this generation to be the first to embrace job hoping rather than steady employment. We’ve made finding connections, be it family, college friends, or colleagues, that can take us to new jobs in various cities and states an art form.

My many moves over the years have turned me into a Packing Pro. I have a never ending supply of tape laying around my house (somewhere). I always seem to have the right amount of bags and boxes on hand for my next move. I can pack my car with more items and boxes than seems physically possible. But these skills come with a price. Constantly moving means I’m never ready to settle down for more than a year. I’m pretty content with this apartment though, so who knows what the future will hold. I’ve started hanging up some artwork and even allowed myself to become attached to our living room’s brick accent wall.

Maybe I’ll even start buying furniture that’s too big to fit in my car.

Mpopp. My Life in Boxes. 14 March 2006. Online image. Flickr. 24 August 2014.