It’s Just a Simple Shoe


This weekend is Awesome Con in Indianapolis. For those who don’t know, Awesome Con “is a comic-con that embraces all aspects of geekdom and pop culture, with a wide assortment of comic books, collectibles, toys, games, original art, cosplay, and more.” This will be my very first con and I cannot describe how excited I am! After years of hearing friends talk about it and seeing pictures online I finally get to go to one myself!

My roommate and I spent weeks planning our cosplay, or the costumes typically worn . To me, this is one of the most exciting aspects of these events. Cosplay ranges from simple tshirts and accessories to full body paint and elaborate head to toe ensembles. After weeks of deliberating I finally decided on being the main character from Kiki’s Delivery Service. The film is a popular anime from famed director Hayao Miyazaki‘s film studio Studio Ghibli that I used to watch at my grandmother’s house when I was little. Plus my pixie cut sort of resembles Kiki’s haircut when it’s grown out, which is another bonus.

On top of messy short hair, Kiki sports a flowy black dress, large red bow, a brown messenger bag, red ballet flats. Compared to other cosplays I’ve seen, this is insanely simple. I found the dress, bag, even a massive red bow all within a few shopping trips after work. Out of Kiki’s entire outfit, her red shoes were the hardest to find.

I’m not really sure why those shoes eluded me for so long. Flats have been popular for decades, worn by icons like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, and even featured on fashion runways. Red is also a popular color on the runways for the fall. So why can’t these two fashion facts merge to create a simple red ballet flat? Honestly, there are people who make elaborate costumes made out of metal rods, LED lights, and things like that that probably cost thousands of dollars! The fact that I could not find a simple shoe, a mix of two of the biggest fall fashion trends, after weeks is insane.

After several hours running from shoe store to shoe store, I finally found the perfect pair of Kiki flats. Now all I need is a little Jiji to tuck in my bag and I’m set!

Loika, Pat. Comic-Con 2013. 20 July. 2013. Online image. Flickr. 28 Sept. 2014.


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