So I Finally Went to a Con


In college one of my best friends  was a girl who lived down the hall from me. She is the coolest nerd you’ll ever meet. Not only is she into everything that Cons are about, she’s also nice enough to share it. I don’t know a lot of people who would have tolerated me constantly asking questions throughout every movie, book, or TV show the way she did. Five years later, that same girl is still one of my closest friends and also my roommate. After years of hearing her stories about all the different Cons she went to, I finally got a to go to one with her.

Awesome Con Indianapolis was October 3rd-5th. While I could only get off work that Saturday, October 4th, I didn’t mind. Just by glancing at the schedule I could still see some amazing celebrities, check out some interesting panels, and, best of all, cosplay.

Since I didn’t know my work schedule until last minute, I didn’t really have time for the hardcore cosplays everyone thinks of when they hear that word. Instead, I went for a down-played version of Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. While the outfit looks simple enough, it was a challenge to find the right pieces. My best friend, being insanely creative, made her own No Face from Spirited Away. That’s right, if you saw No Face at Awesome Con it was a woman strutting around the convention center in heels.

All in all, Awesome Con was fun, but nothing like what I imagined. While the crowd picked up later in the day the convention center as a whole seemed pretty empty. I heard other people talking about how some panels were empty or certain game rooms were completely unorganized so don’t bother going there throughout the entire day. I thought about doing Sci-Fi Speed Dating but quickly backed out when I heard ladies were free but guys had to pay $20. For some reason a fee made the whole thing more serious and less fun than I thought speed dating should be.

On the bright side, I got to see both the Adam West & Burt Ward Q&A as well as the Jason Mewes Q&A. Both were amazing and I would gladly go see these three men again in a heart beat. Going in cosplay was also an amazing choice. Few people recognized me in my simple outfit, although I did bond with one of the Awesome Con volunteers who also had Kiki’s Delivery Service as the first anime she ever watched. Everyone knew who No Face was though.

No Face was interviewed by Spider-Man, which was great since No Face doesn’t talk. No Face made a few people cry with happiness after being offered gold coins. One guy was really smart and freaked out when No Face held out a coin for him. No Face freaked a few people out who had never seen Spirited Away. No Face made people’s heads turn and created excited whispers at panels. No Face even took an awesome selfie.

While Awesome Con wasn’t what I expected, I will definitely go to another one. I’m thinking my next cosplay will be Totoro


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